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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Political Mammals

What you missed: A report about a politician making some very disparaging remarks about policing.

Unreserved apologies to: Any member of the political party concerned.


At 22/1/06 3:14 PM, Anonymous Jurgen said...

Remember he is only a Politician with no real idea of life in the real world. That coupled with the dangerous state of newness that requires hip shot policy statements that will be forgotten as quickly as a wink.
How long will it be before we are saying "David who?"
They come they go, but we are always here and when I retire there will be another to step into my shoes... the difference being mine is a thirty year turnaround

At 23/1/06 12:56 PM, Blogger A non mouse said...

Yeah, I saw that post saying that officers only make 10 arrests a year. It irritated me somewhat, as like you, I have already more than met that tally this year. Here is my full opinion on it.

At 25/1/06 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading your blog makes me realise I am right to continue to believe all coppers are dull, self-important, humorously-challenged and intellectually stunted.

I came here from "Random Acts of Reality". I'll be staying there.


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